General Dentistry

Prevention is the best defense for your smile. Trust Dr. Rose and his dental team for your regular appointments and cleanings, and enjoy a lifetime of lasting oral health. Don’t wait for problems to appear before you seek dental care. Keep your smile healthy with preventative care from Dr. Rose.

1 Year Old Exams

Like any parent, you worry about your child’s health. Don’t forget about their oral health as well! Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends you take your child to the dentist by his or her first birthday? While that may seem a bit early for your child to receive dental treatment, it’s important to remember that baby teeth are essentially place-holders for the adult teeth to come.

A lifetime of happy smiles starts at year one. Schedule your baby’s one year-old dental appointment with Dr. Rose and give your child a healthy start.

Oral Cancer Screening

Every hour, someone dies from oral cancer, a disease that affects 41,000 new Americans per year. As with all cancers, the key to successful treatment is catching the disease early. For this reason, Dr. Rose is committed to providing you with an oral cancer screening. This potentially life-saving procedure can help increase your chances if you are diagnosed. In fact, 90% of oral cancers can be cured with early detection. Trust Dr. Rose to perform a regular oral cancer screening and have greater peace of mind.

Tooth Extraction

In some cases, injury or decay damages a tooth extensively and an extraction is the proper treatment option to start you on the path toward complete dental health. We can remove your troublesome tooth and can give you the treatment options for replacing that tooth to complete your beautiful smile once again.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are metal appliances custom fit for your child’s mouth. When baby teeth are lost too soon due to trauma or decay, the other teeth around that area will start to move and fill in the space left by the missing tooth. This is called “space loss.” If the teeth are not prevented from shifting, there will not be adequate space for the eruption of the permanent tooth. This often leads to the need for extensive orthodontic treatment. The goal of space maintenance is to hold open that space, providing a path for the natural eruption of the developing permanent tooth.

Stainless Steel Crowns

In the event that decay has progressed to multiple surfaces of the tooth, Dr. Rose may recommend a pediatric stainless steel crown (silver crown) be placed on the tooth to ensure the most durable and long-lasting restoration. The pediatric stainless steel crowns are placed the same day of the procedure, and children often like seeing their new “Iron Man” or “Frozen” crown to keep their tooth healthy and strong.



Most people who are unhappy with their teeth do not realize the numerous ways cosmetic dentistry can heal a smile.


Dental health depends on good habits, such as proper brushing, regular dental visits and good diet.


Pulp therapy addresses issues with the internal structure of the tooth, where the pulp is located.

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